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An unforgettable outdoor holiday experience – full of adventure and fun!


Why travel to distant shores when there are countless stunning places to discover in your own country? This e-commerce website, developed, hosted and maintained by our team, has farm locations that are carefully selected and located exactly where you’ll want to be, with it's sole purpose to escape the city life, leave the hustle and bustle behind and experience life on the farm.


The healthy fun of outdoor playing and learning comes together as naturally as chickens and eggs.


NIBC, the most famous private investments bank of The Hague!

NIBC, the most famous private investments bank of The Hague!

The "think yes" mentality private bank.


NIBC is an enterprising bank focused on its clients’ most decisive financial moments. They share a forward-thinking, can-do attitude they call the ‘think yes’ mentality, which shapes everything they do.

From their offices in The Hague, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, London and Brussels, they serve more than 1,000+ businesses and 390,000+ retail customers through a portfolio of client-focused products and services.


We have created a so called Valuation System based on Microsoft's BizTalk and SQL Server Reporting services which overnight fetches exchange data around the globe, using systems like Reuters, Bloomberg etc. This data is then formatted into human readbale forecasts and set ready for the bank's brokers to achieve their goals on behalf of their customers.



Brand New Day Bank & Investments Company

Brand New Day Bank & Investments Company

When things in the world of finance are done differently, then the result is this amazing fintech company!


A dedicated team of 6 of ATTICSOFT's die hard developers, together with their coworkers in the Netherlands and Thailand make sure that Brand New Day can achieve the financial goals they set on behalf of their customers.


We are proud to be part of the company's IT team which develops, integrates and maintains complex financial investment & retirement systems, making the day to day tasks for the 120+ employees and their 300.000+ customers, a breeze.


This long lasting relationship was made possible through hard work and trust and is based on the expertises that we've achieved through the years, while developing and maintaining custom software solutions for the financial markets.


VIRO Products & VPP Packaging

VIRO Products & VPP Packaging

Selling online non standard fully customizable products made possible through this unique e-commerce solution


The VIRO Products & VPP Packaging companies specialize in the fabrication of plastic products, ranging from simple plastic cases to the most extreme and complex dossier designs, with everything else in between.


So many products and so many choices would make it impossible to sell online through a standard webshop approach. Unless of course you incorporate the idea that our team came up with: everything is standard but also customizable!


The product configuration engine developed specifically for this webshop is a gem waiting for you to be discovered.


Flight Deck 53, Trampoline Park

Flight Deck 53, Trampoline Park

The best and most beautiful trampoline park in The Netherlands!


We had the pleasure to design and develop a contemporary online booking engine. The purpose of the online booking engine was to simplify and streamline the booking procedure through automation and other tools to keep everything flowing smoothly, efficiently, and productively.


We focused on a quick and simple reservation process. We followed and adopted the mobile first approach but keep being task oriented. Engaging mobile marketing and smart content for user experience was a must.


We managed to deliver a booking system with features and advantages such as:

  •    Secure online payment
  •    Multi-language features
  •    Key elements and success factors for SEO strategy
  •    Connect and function efficiently with accounting and invoicing software
  •    Automate manual booking management task
  •    Manage with ease the bookings and create accurate reports
Europe insurance company online sales.

Europe insurance company online sales.

Solvency, quality, respect, responsibility.


Four concepts - four strong pillars, in which Europe Insurance linked its existence inextricably, present and future, but also the vision to offer the most to the insured and to serve faithfully the principles advocated by the institutions of private insurance.


And very recently the four strong pillars of Europe became five by adding the fifth missing one "Online".


To serve the public even better than before and be able to buy any insurance program online, we have created a great, good looking modern website for this specific purpose.


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